Installation “Homoboy”

Linda Trunzo’s Studio with Sheeka Arbuthnot, 2012 MMAP, Cole M. Robbins

What does it mean to be female or male? Can you be both (or neither)? Is it a stance, a potion, or pill? If I eat more meat will I be more masculine? Is it a look, facial hair, muscles? How much weight should I lift? How big should my muscles be? How much should I gain? Lose? These are questions I am trying to answer with the process of drawing and video — add subtract repeat, add subtract repeat. My interest is in how food, objects, and the human form relate.Toying with the boundaries between art, bodybuilding and sex fetish play, my intention is to disrupt the space between male and female by activating the atmosphere with a series of large self portraits, video, objects,and performance. As a woman, I attempt to exaggerate and animate my portrayal of masculine behavior.My video works are short narratives. My goal is to create and build visual ideas inspired from my environment and my community. I use stories and objects from “logo della memoria” the “place of memories” in my various works. I do this with methods of collage, treating the projected images like a drawing or a painting by mixing colors, old film, images and sounds.

“Linda Trunzo, for example, pits herself against cultural expectations of female strength and behavior in her droll video, “Homoboy.” She plays her mustached male alter ego, Sonni, who proceeds to gear up, stretch out and bench press men strapped to a board.”

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